Starfish Child Care


Ishani Jay
My name is Ishani Jay and I worked in the ‘Starfish childcare Center’ for a short period of time. I started my first day with the impression that all I’m going to do is diaper changing, feeding and playing with the children.
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Tori & Robert Ongodia
Our children both attended Starfish and between the two of them, they received excellent care for a total of 5 years. We had done extensive research on childcare centers and found Starfish to be a unique place and a perfect fit for our needs. The ample space both indoors and out was one of many pluses.
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James, Alison and Miles Leiman
We are going to miss you! Miles really enjoyed his time at the center as this is where he learned his first words, how to wave to people and crawl while benefiting from what Alison and I would consider to be one of the best educational approaches for infants available in the DC area.
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Jennifer Dooling
Having been a stay-at-home mom for nearly a decade, and being more than reluctant and distrustful of “childcare centers”; the notion of letting “someone else” take care of my just barely 3 year old daughter, was just not an option! But work life and further education made the stay-home thing also not an option any longer.
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Kaushik Veeraraghavan
We enrolled our daughter at Starfish when she was 18 months old. We initially started her out on a part-time basis and then switched her to spending all day at Starfish after a few months. We are very happy with the quality of the care and attention that each of the teachers have provided to our daughter over the past two years.
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Belinda Macauley
Our daughter, who is now 17 months, has been at Starfish since she was three months old. She is very happy there and we are really pleased with the care she receives. The center is well-designed and does not look at all like other in-home childcare providers we have seen.
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Jocelyn Houle
Potomac, MD
We are a local Potomac family with both parents working full time. We waited for Starfish to open so we could enroll our son! The facility, teachers and cleanliness were so much better than any other choice here; or in any other part of the area we searched for child care.
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Alison Levingston
My name is Ali Levingston and we sent our son Jonah to Starfish Children's Center from 13- 24 months of age. I looked extensively at many different childcare options for my son and decided on Starfish because I was very impressed with the facility and the warm and responsive caregivers.
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