Starfish Child Care


Date : 7/15/2014
Jennifer Dooling
Having been a stay-at-home mom for nearly a decade, and being more than reluctant and distrustful of “childcare centers”; the notion of letting “someone else” take care of my just barely 3 year old daughter, was just not an option! But work life and further education made the stay-home thing also not an option any longer. As I started researching the best place for Cecilia to go, a place which would provide a home-like environment with nurturing adults, YET be stimulating and educational, include art, outdoor activities, and overall enrich the life of my child (and of course be affordable)…. I found that very few places like this exist! Until, I found out about Starfish. The Center is a local family-owned and operated center and after crossing paths with the family multiple times in multiple areas of community life, I inquired about enrolling Cecilia into the Center. Not only did they accommodate my unusual and specific requirements and odd-ball schedule, they warmly embraced our entire family. As a Child-Mental Health Specialist, assessing the overall socio-emotional functioning of early childhood educational programs, I was impressed by the staff immediately. Leaving my “baby” during the first week was hard and I shed more tears than my daughter. The staff called and texted me regularly that week, giving me progress reports and sending pictures of my smiling happy daughter. Not one time have I walked into the center (with the exception of meal times) without seeing a teacher holding a baby in their arms. This is a sign that the teachers are exceptionally attuned to children and their emotional needs. My love for this center was sealed, when Cecilia had an injury one day before school and was rushed to the ER. Upon returning home, her beloved teacher showed up with a care-basket and warm words showered on my scared little girl. Cecilia, now 4.5, loves “going to school” and is so proud to report all that she learned. She loves to hang her artwork on the refrigerator, and proudly recites her lessons from the day. The staff is the perfect mix of professional and nurturing, energetic and engaging, and now at this point, are all part of the growing circle of trusted and beloved adults in our family’s life.
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