Starfish Child Care


Date : 12/28/2014
James, Alison and Miles Leiman
We are going to miss you! Miles really enjoyed his time at the center as this is where he learned his first words, how to wave to people and crawl while benefiting from what Alison and I would consider to be one of the best educational approaches for infants available in the DC area. We are really sad to leave the region and it is exceptionally difficult to no longer have access to such a caring staff and an educational curriculum that inspires learning and confidence. Miles was very happy to go to the Starfish Children Center every day and if there is a place that was a second home for him, this was it. When it came time for Miles to go to daycare, Alison and I had a difficult choice ahead of us as we didn’t know where to leave our son while we were at work. We could have chosen something in DC where we worked but Miles instantly found joy at Starfish; this made Alison and I feel very comfortable leaving him there for lengthy periods. This piece of mind enabled us to focus on work while knowing that Miles was in great hands. Thank you for providing such wonderful care for him, we are going to miss you!
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