Starfish Child Care


Date : 1/18/2017
Ishani Jay

My name is Ishani Jay and I worked in the ‘Starfish childcare Center’ for a short period of time. I started my first day with the impression that all I’m going to do is diaper changing, feeding and playing with the children. But I was wrong. They had a carefully planned curriculum, flexible yet predictable schedule and hardworking people to provide high quality learning experience for each and every child in the center. They did seasonal crafts, weekly cooking projects and many other hands on activities with the children in the center every day. I was really impressed with the efforts they put into their work to make sure that the children are happy and safe throughout the day. Cleanliness is the other prominent thing I noticed in the Starfish Center. At the end of each day everything was cleaned and reorganized for the next day including the bathrooms and the food preparation area.

I really enjoyed working with my co-workers who were kind and supportive to me all the time. They were a great team who respected and supported each other and their team spirit created a positive environment for the children as well. Overall, Starfish Children’s Center is much more than just a home-based daycare. It has the structured environment of a preschool and the loving and nurturing care which is essential for the toddlers and preschoolers to thrive. I was very pleased and satisfied with everything I observed and did during my stay and recommend it to any parent who is looking for quality childcare in a nurturing environment.

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